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Lost Boy, The: The Story of Clinton Liebelt

The Lost Boy: A Search for Life, a Triumph of Outback Spirit - Robert Wainwright I found the first half of this book a little slow going as it talked about friends, family and various members of the community that were connected to the Liebelt family. I understand that it was trying to educate the reader with the back stories of the people who searched for Clinton, but at the time of reading it, my interest was waning and I kept waiting for it to get to his disappearance.I read the second half of the book with a lot more interest and a very heavy heart. I felt so sad for Clinton for dying alone, scared, dehydrated and defeated in the harsh bush and for Clinton's family for losing their youngest son in such futile, tragic circumstances.It was a very emotional story and has me tearing up thinking about it. I give it 3.5 stars.