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The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - This book had an interesting concept where a young girl named Rose can taste peoples feelings through the food she eats, but unfortunately the story wasn't interesting, it was pretty bland.I love stories that span over time but, although this took place from when Rose was 9-22, it never actually went anywhere! I nearly gave up on it a few times but I wanted to know why she had this special ability. I kept waiting for her to use it to find out something important but it was never explained.It held my interest in parts, which is why I gave it 2 stars not 1, but the characters were dull and depressing and the explanation given for why her brother Joseph kept disappearing (he was turning into furniture) was just plain ridiculous.I listened to this on audio disc over a few days and the narrators voice was really irritating and monotone. While that probably didn't help my lack of interest for the story, I'm pretty sure the boring story line was the biggest reason I didn't think much of this book.