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Cleo - Helen Brown As someone who up until recently was also more of a 'dog person' than a 'cat person', but now has 2 cats of my own, I could relate to how (despite their independent and sometimes stand offish temperament), just how much love a cat can bring to your home with their funny playfulness and unpredictable affection (they either love you to the point of following you everywhere and interrupting everything you do to get you to give them attention, or they couldn't care less if you're breathing the same air as them at times, haha).I really liked how Helen Brown told her story. You can tell she's a writer by the way the story flows and her great descriptive writing style.I can't imagine the loss she must of felt losing her son Sam at such a young age but I'm glad a little furry friend like Cleo came into her life to help her heal.