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Showtime (Marvelle Circus, #1)

Showtime (Marvelle Circus, #1) - Chloe Kayne I've been flicking through the reviews and it seems that I'm one of many who were sent a free ebook copy from the author Chloe Kayne, in exchange for an honest review. That said, having now read the story, I would gladly have paid for a copy myself.I really enjoyed Showtime. The main character's backstory was well developed and a lot of the other characters were likeable. Even the ones that were nasty were so in a way that wasn't irritating, as they were integral to the story.I loved the description of the circus life, I could picture it all in my mind clearly as if I were watching a movie.The only thing I would've liked to read more of was the development of the relationship between Laila and Dex, it seemed a little rushed and I'm not sure I fully believed it. That being said, this is book one and there's plenty of room for more developement in book two, hopefully. I'm looking forward to reading Spotlight in 2014.